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There are full features needed for a real estate website, easy to customize and overwrite templates. Allow to manage property listings and submit property via back-end and front-end. Supported global payment, build market, agent management,…etc.
FREE plugins but already all PREMIUM FEATURES.

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  • Already define pages for Real Estate website like: Search Page, Listing Properties, Listing Agent, Agency, Payment, Profile,…
  • Submit property via Back-End and Front-End
  • Manage property listings via Back-End and Front-End
  • Can add custom fields for property
  • Easy to customize
  • Flexible Search
  • Favorite Properties
  • Saved Searches Properties
  • Compare Properties
  • Print Properties
  • Nearby Place
  • Membership Packages
  • Management invoices, User Profiles,…
  • Listing Expiration Date
  • Paid Submission Type: Free, Pay per Package, Pay per Listing
  • Payment Method: Paypal, Stripe, Wire Transfer
  • Email Listing Alerts
  • Featured Listings
  • Related Listing
  • Google Suggestions, Geo Location Search, Map Directions
  • Supported Google Captcha
  • Social Login, Social Share
  • Multiple Listing Layouts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Gallery, Video, 360 Virtual Tour, …
  • Contact Agent
  • Private Note
  • Compatible With Visual Composer plugin
  • Compatible With WPML plugin


  • Essential Real Esate Options: all features of plugin, where user can use to setting.
  • Add New Property screen shot on backend
  • Manage Agents: display how to manage Agents on backend
  • Approve Property: screen shot show how to approved a Property(when setting need Approved mode) on backend
  • Invoice for print when user payment
  • Add new Property on frontend
  • User management features on frontend
  • Payment method already supported
  • My profile of user on frontend management
  • Listing properties with features on frontend


Do follow to install plugins:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to menu Essential Real Estate -> Real Estate Options screen to configure the plugin

Preguntas frecuentes

Is Essential Real Esate Free?

Yes! it’s always will be free.


12 de octubre de 2019
hello thanks for this wonderful plugin but i have some issues 1- subtypes : i want to add a sub type of property type categories like residential ( home - villa ----- ) commercial ( store - shop - cafe ----- ) or can i make a relation between type and label 2- you must add a way to give relation between property type and custom fields for example there are no bedrooms in shops or cafe then you should make a link between customfields and types in submitting and search i wish you understand me but all over this is the best real estate plugin for wordpress
31 de julio de 2019
I have tested all the top rated real estate plug-ins, and Essential Real Estate by-far is the best. The other plug-ins you are required to pay extra and in some cases a high premium for the Pro Version as much as $400+. With Essential Real Estate you get just about all the features of the other plugins "Pro Versions" and more for free. The themes are optional. I noticed someone giving Essential Real Estate 1-star by saying "many functions do not work." That's because if you are not connected to the internet many features do not work when using a localhost.
19 de marzo de 2019
Plug-in is very good, very flexible. I needed some code to adapt to my needs.
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** Fix: Change status comment of agent and property


  • Fix: Find location on add new property page


  • Fix: Display content on infoBox google map


  • Fix: Schedule send email save search


  • Fix: Additional Fields duplicate meta box property


  • Fix: warning when empty avatar in page agency detail


  • Fix: error save «Additional Fields» in options


  • Fix: error upload file


  • Fix: payment with paypal method


  • Fix: error edit property


  • Fix: error get ajax Province / State, City / Town, Neighborhood
  • Update: Remove google plus social


  • Update: bootstrap to version 3.4.1


  • Fix: Reflected XSS
  • Fix: Payment Stripe
  • Fix: Remove CURL code
  • Fix: Remove javascript jquery-ui
  • Update: javascript isotope to version 3.0.6


  • Fix: Reflected XSS


  • Fix: Email content, agency description, thankyou page content… not respecting line break
  • New: Allow to Input and Display Wire Transfer payment Information
  • New: Allow to change the currency text: Ex: Thousand -> K, Million -> M, Billion -> B
  • New: Shortcode Property Search Map -> Allow to change the Image Size of Marker Property


  • Fix: Compare properties with Property Feature field
  • Fix: Filter Country, States, City, Neighborhood on Submit property page


  • New: Display the total number of views of property via Backend
  • New: Widget: ERE Recent Properties, ERE Featured Properties: Allow to Filter by agent if current page is Single Agent page
  • Fix: Total number properties of agency


  • Fix: Filter provinces, cities to only show the provinces, cities linked to a selected country, selected state when create city, neighborhood


  • New: Allow to change the image size for all property layout styles (grid, list, carousel, ziczac)
  • New: When not logged in, to perform the Saved Search feature, the Login window must appear first
  • Fix: Remove PHP notices


  • New: Allow to Show/Hide the empty features on single property page


  • Fix: Support WPML for send email
  • Fix: Allow to enter the Arabic characters for first name, last name on the Update profile form
  • New: Allow to validate phone number on the Update profile form


  • New: Allow to override templates: All templates on single property, single agent, archive property, archive agent page


  • New: Allow to show/hide Create Date, View Count on single property page
  • Fix: Multiple select agency doesn’t work on Real Estate Options page (backend)


  • Fix: Broke Widgets page


  • New: Allow to filter country, filter city, filter neighborhood on submit property page (backend, frontend) and on search forms
  • Fix: Category Filter by Isotope on Property Shortcode
  • Fix: Allow back to set «none» value for Property Label, Property Type on submit property page (frontend)
  • Fix: Remove unused function: Choose parent Property Status, Type, Label, Feature


  • New: Allow to choose a list of countries (submit property, search form, input province/state, input city, input neighborhood)
  • New: Allow to filter by country, by province/state, by city on input city and neighborhood (backend)


  • New: Change the html structure for easy customization and optimize SEO


  • New: Optimize code, Update print layout, target blank on download file attachments
  • New: New Add-on: ERE Recently Viewed, ERE Similar Properties


  • Fix: «For development purposes only» problem of property map on admin dashboard
  • New: Allow to update all user information via admin dashboard


  • Fix: Duplicate email sent to admin when registering new user


  • New: Allow to change the measurement units for Land Area


  • New: Allow to change the order display of agent, property by set the order attribute on admin dashboard
  • New: On/Off: Show featured properties at the top of the list
  • New: Improve: Filter and sort properties on archive page
  • Fix: Problems: Only display the featured listing on the archive page (If submit property via frontend)


  • Fix: Ajax paging, contact agent, contact agency
  • New: Allow to compare with Additional Fields
  • New: Improve Home Map


  • New: Improve system performance: add autoloader, push sending mail process to queue and send by background
  • New: Allow to enqueue resources by CDN: Bootstrap Script, Bootstrap Stylesheet, Font Awesome
  • New: Make Featured Properties always on the top list


  • New: Responsive: tabs to accordion on mobile
  • Fix: Shortcode Property Featured: Wrong Property Identity


  • New: Add the Agency link on single agent page
  • Fix: Search with Land Area field problem
  • Fix: RTL style


  • Fix: Some words can not translate
  • Fix: Remove html tag on Compare page
  • New: Format number for Property Land, Property Size


  • Fix: Google Map Zoom


  • Fix: Nearby Place problems


  • New: Add button allows to view Photo gallery in the list of properties
  • New: Remove the Social Share button in the list of properties, only show in each single property
  • New: Allow to change the Image Size for ShortCode Property Featured


  • New: Allow to Show/Hide User Information Fields in My Profile page


  • New Feature: Ratings & Reviews for Property and Agent


  • New: Allow to upload file documents (Config file size, file type, maximum number of files in Real Estate Option)
  • Fix: Google Map partially grey on load Edit Property page via frontend


  • New: Validation input data by jquery in Login, Register and Update Profile form
  • Fix: Upload image from iphone safari & Geocoding and Places Autocomplete problems


  • New: Submit Property by Steps
  • New: Change the layout of User Dashboard
  • New: Allow to delete unwanted Invoices, Transaction Logs, User Packages


  • Fix: Hide The Color Picker on WordPress 4.9


  • Fix: Fix paging problem on property shortcode when filter with the Label field
  • New: Allow to required fields with Property Type, Property Label


  • Fix: Allow to show all categories that don’t have any posts attached to them for all dropdown list
  • Fix: Problem of Search Agency


  • New: Allow display sidebar for Archive, Single page


  • New: Allow add custom field for property: Text, Textarea, Dropdown, CheckboxList, RadioList


  • Fix: Prevent form resubmission when page is refreshed after submit or edit property via frontend
  • New: Allow search agents by ajax on submit property form in backend
  • New: Add number of Property, Invoice, Favorite, Saved Search for Login menu widget


  • New: Allow to view the property author detail
  • New: Allow display Property Features as category (Submit Property page, Single Property page, Search form)
  • New: Add Widget: Featured Properties
  • Fix: Sort column in backend


  • New: Allow to search for Agency
  • Fix: Reset paging after filter Property, Agent, My Properties, My Invoices


  • New: Make link between country, state, city, neighborhood via backend
  • Fix: Fixed problems with submit Property via frontend on version 1.3


  • New: Enable/Disable features: «Price Number in Short Scale»
  • New: Add field «Price On Call» on Property submit form


  • New: Allow to input, search, display property price with Price Number in Short Scale (ex: $5 million)
  • New: Allow to config Enable/Disable Comments Property, Comments Agent


  • New: Add new Property Field: Before Price Label, Number Of Rooms, Private Note
  • New: Allow to Submit Property as free with the option «Pay Per listing» at «Price Per Listing Submission» = 0
  • New: Allow to Make Listing Featured as free with the option «Pay Per listing» at «Price To Make Listing Featured» = 0
  • New: Change Print layout
  • New: Remove the garage icon and number from the most important place of properties list layout


  • New: Change input layout in backend: Type, status, features, labels, City, State, Neighborhood
  • New: Allow to config Enable/Disable Agent Rating, Property Rating
  • New: Allow to config Enable/Disable Social Login


  • New: Allow to config all users can submit property or only agent
  • New: Allow to config submit property via frontend or only via backend
  • New: Enable/Disable: Automatically publish the edited property
  • New: Enable/Disable: Automatically approve Reactivating property request


  • New: Allow to sending mail as html form created by the editor tool
  • New: Moved the description tab and address tab out of the tabs in property detail page
  • New: Add new Shortcode Property Search Map to allow create home map
  • New: Allow to set «No Image» for property in My Properties Page
  • Fix: Remove auto search by ID after delete a property
  • Fix: Update RTL css, responsive search box, …


  • New: Allow to Arrange value of Property Status field
  • New: Allow to choose «No Image» for property image and for User/Agent avatar
  • New: After Register goto Login page / Tab Login (Popup)
  • New: Optimization layout style of Property listing, Contact agent/author
  • New: Allow to config Image size on Archive Property Page and shortcode Property Gallery
  • New: Allow to hide «My Invoices» menu if paid submission type as free submit
  • Fix: Problems with paging ajax


  • New: Enable/Disable Google Captcha
  • New: Allow to config Marker icon, MapStyle with google map on New Property page


  • New: Allow to custom Measurement units
  • Fix: Problem with WPML plugin
  • New: Change style


  • New: Show/Hide/Arrange Search Fields
  • New: Support Slider/Dropdown layout for Price, Size, Land Area Search Field
  • New: Add new Shortcode Property Advanced Search
  • New: Allow to config Bedrooms List, Bathrooms List, Garage List on Search Field
  • New: Allow to Show/Hide Search Form in Advanced Search page and Archive Property page


  • Fix: Problems with upload image via backend and Optimize crop image function
  • New: Add-ons ERE Colors
  • New: Allow to disable/enable Add Shortcode tool for editor


  • New: Allow to search by Property Status, Property ID via «My Properties» (user dashboard)
  • New: Allow to click image to view detail; Show Property Status, Price, ID, via «My Properties» (user dashboard)
  • New: Move Video URL field from Property Details group to Property Images and Video group via «Add New Property»
  • Fix: Missing some text domain for translate language


  • New: Allow to Enable/Disable Favorite Property
  • New: Allow to Enable/Disable Social Share
  • New: Allow to Enable/Disable Print Property, Print Invoice


  • New: Make link between country, state, neighborhood
  • New: Add neighborhood search field
  • New: Move country search field, state search field, neighborhood search field to main search (not advanced search)
  • New: Make the same style and zoom for all google map
  • New: Allow to show the hidden property


  • Fix: Allow to edit property when current package has only 1 listing remain


  • New: Allow to config add/remove search field (Advanced Search Page and Archive Property Page)
  • New: Allow to change default icon marker (Google Map Directions and Nearby Places)
  • New: Validations when user buy the same package with curently package
  • New: Allow to search property id via backend, allow config decimal separator for «Get Directions»,»Nearby Places»
  • Fix: Contact with Skype problems


  • Fix: Allow to upload image with Safari on mobile and ipad
  • Add notification email to admin and user when user post a new property
  • Fix: nearby places with calculator mile


  • Fix: Missing Year Built via Backend; Problem Search country; Widget Listing Property Taxonomy not show with Neighborhood Taxonomy
  • Allow to edit property if it belongs to an expired package
  • Allow to click the image to view single property page not only title


  • New feature: Allow to input Property ID,
  • New: Add property url via mail from contact information, Add New Field: Agent Licenses
  • Fix: Correct some typos


  • Allow to enter virtual tour embeded code
  • New feature: Allow to hidden listing property
  • Fix: Search Map, Submit property with location dropdowns, Package information on payment free package


  • Improved filtering function in backend: Property, Agent, Invoice, Transaction Log, User Packages
  • Allow to filter feature property for all property shortcode
  • New feature: Total Views count


  • New feature: Property Image 360
  • Allow to zoom image gallery, image floor on single property page
  • Allow to config show/hide register tab on Login & Register popup


  • New search layot: Mini Search layout
  • Add option: Show/Hide Contact information if user not login (single property page)


  • Fix: upload image and allow sort image via frontend


  • Allow to input float number of property area, size,… via backend
  • Fix: mising property status field on feature add shortcode from editor, fix empty address when edit property via frontend


  • Change search layout
  • Change default location with Google Maps on New Property page
  • Format number slider bar


  • New Feature: Walk Score


  • Support RTL


  • Optimize performance


  • Support add shortcode from editor without page builder


  • Initial Release!