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Error and Performance Tracking with CatchJS


Make it work. Make it fast.

Every day, site owners lose money because of software bugs and low performance.

Users will not tell you if your site breaks for them. Nor will they tell you if it’s slow.

By adding error tracking to your site, you’ll know about it whenever an error happens.

With performance monitoring turned on, you’ll see what is slow and what is fast for your site’s users.

It takes a minute to set up and gives you the superpowers you need to take your site’s quality to the next level.

💥 Error tracking

Webmasters are hardly ever told that their site isn’t working.

By adding error tracking from CatchJS to your site, you’ll know about it whenever an error happens. It connects to the browsers error reporting mechanism and collects information about any unhandled Javascript exception happening on the page. You’ll get a detailed log of the circumstances of the error, so you are ready to reproduce it and fix it. If a new type of error happens, you’ll be notified.

This plugin connects your WordPress site with your CatchJS account, and adds the CatchJS script to your site.

⚡ Performance monitoring

As computers get faster and faster, a lot of websites are slower than ever.

As webmasters add more and more stuff to their sites, some of it cause things to slow down.

With performance monitoring enabled on your site, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of what takes time during the loading of your pages, so you can pinpoint wherever there’s a problem with performance. You get rich statistics about the actual performance experienced by your users, so you know what’s fast and what needs work.

CatchJS will track the Core Web Vitals for the pages on your site. These are vital for SEO, as they directly affect how your site ranks on Google. Get all your pages green, and climb the rankings.

🔒 Privacy first

CatchJS tracks errors and performance, but it doesn’t track your users. Not with cookies, not with IPs, and not through any other mechanism.


  • Dashboard of performance metrics and errors
  • The details on an error caught on a page
  • In depth performance metrics for a page
  • Overview of all errors seen on a site
  • Overview of performance metrics for all pages


Search for the plugin name in the Plugins -> Add New dialog and click install. Otherwise, download and unzip the plugin, and copy the contents into your wp-content/plugins directory and activate.

After installation, follow the instructions on the settings page to connect your WordPress site to your CatchJS account. You’ll need to have a CatchJS account set up before you can start logging errors and performance metrics.


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