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Use a shortcode to show fixtures, results and league tables from England Hockey Game Management System (GMS) in your posts and pages. The first version of this plugin embedded content from the temporary web site GMS Match Site. The second version uses an API into the England Hockey Azure data warehouse of GMS data. You must have permission from EH GMS support to embed GMS data on your club website.

The initial GMS Match Site was a temporary solution to show fixtures, results and league tables for the 2021-2022 season. An improved version is now available for the 2022-2023 season which uses an API. It is hoped that Widgets (custom HTML provided by England Hockey to be embedded on your site) will provide a permanent solution and replace this plugin or at least provide an alternative.

If you are looking for the features of this plugin but do not use WordPress then you may use this web service as an alternative GMS Feed.

Currently this plugin will embed GMS data using «api» or «parse» methods. When first activated this plugin will default to the «api» method. Once installed use the plugin settings for help understanding and using the methods. The plugin provides a number of features:

  • Full control of table styling using CSS
  • Display fixtures, results and league tables separately
  • Select the fixtures and results for a specific team and competition
  • Filter using whatson to only include upcoming fixtures or recent results
  • Server side caching of GMS data to provide performance benefits

Using this plugin allows fixtures, results and league tables to be included within posts or pages using a «gms» shortcode e.g.

  • [gms team="31c4b1d8-ef73-40ee-a09a-1817ec821524" whatson=14] – Show the fixtures (default) over the next 14 days for the team with the id specified (assuming «api» is your default method)
  • [gms method="api" show="league+results" comp_id="6e16da76-87a3-4092-9f53-71d500fffcdb" team="31c4b1d8-ef73-40ee-a09a-1817ec821524"] – Show league table for the competition and results for the team specified
  • [gms club_id="19fd1b0c-e11c-46f9-9114-45c2262a1e90"] – Show the fixtures (default) for the next match day, for all teams in the club specified.
  • [gms show="results" whatson=7 team="31c4b1d8-ef73-40ee-a09a-1817ec821524" link=""] – Show the results in last week for the team specified and provide a link to an external site.

For help generating GMS shortcodes you should use the following tool Generate Shortcode.


  1. For manual code install upload and extract the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the settings page for this plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu or the ‘GMS Feed’ menu item and follow the instructions on that page.

If you deactivate the plugin all settings will be retained until you uninstall (delete).

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I find the Competition, Team and Club Identifiers?

To show league tables you need to find the numeric identifier used by the GMS data warehouse for the competition. Similiarly to show fixtures and results for a team you need to find the ID used for the team. To show match day fixtures for a club you need to find the ID for the club.

For help generating GMS shortcodes you should use the following tool Generate Shortcode.

The tool to generate shortcodes provides a search/lookup button to help you find the numeric IDs required. The lookup will help you find the IDs based on the names of the areas, competition groups, competitions and teams.

What happens if the GMS system changes?

The operation of the «parse» method depends both on the URLs used by the GMS Match Site not being changed, and the HTML identifiers for the tables remaining unchanged. This legacy method is no longer expected to be useful from season 2022-2023 onwards.

The «api» method should become stable but as it is only just available changes are expected.

We aim to update this plugin as soon as changes are identified (whether they cause problems or enable improvements). You should find that the plugin degrades elegantly when problems arise. If you discover problems please check the plugin support forum and contact the plugin developer.


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  • Change to default CSS to highlight win, draw and loss
  • Change to default CSS for league table alignment
  • Fix to not show fixtures in past when awaiting result


  • Change to default CSS for fixtures officials column
  • Change to default CSS for league form column


  • Fix to matchday (club) fixtures
  • Change to legacy URL


  • Provide link to ID search/lookup tool
  • Tweak to link text for tables
  • Remove references to Season ID


  • Added method to use EH GMS Data Warehouse (Azure)
  • Removed iFrame method


  • Tweak to display of validation errors
  • Link to shortcode generator


  • Fix to find tables with parse/ajax method
  • Enqueue default style sheet
  • Disabled iFrame method


  • Initial release