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ECT Home Page Products


Display products anywhere on a WordPress integrated Ecommerce Templates site which can be very useful for home page displays or blog posts. You can choose to show products from a specific category, products marked as recommended through the store admin, products from a specific manufacturer, latest products or best selling products. You can also choose which elements to display, choosing any of product name, product price, list price and buy button.

Please note, the ECT Home Page Products plug-in is only available for Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software WordPress integration.

For more details, screenshots and information please visit Ecommerce Templates for WordPress.

Key Features

  • Simply generate the code for Product Listings

  • Choose to show products from a specific category, manufacturer, best selling or latest products

  • Choose which elements to display such as product image, buy button, price etc.

  • Works perfectly on Responsive Designs

  • Tweak the display via the css file


The ECT Home Page Products plug-in is only available for Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software WordPress integration.

View Demo Store

We have set up a demo store using the Responsive theme and Ecommerce Templates shopping cart where you will also find a demo of the Product Display plugin.


If you have any problems with generating the Product Display please post your support questions here on the WordPress support forum. Any questions about the shopping cart or WordPress integration can be posted on the Ecommerce Templates support forum.

If you have a problem with the plug-in please don’t just give it a bad rating or review without seeking our help first.

Plug-in resources

Plug-in home pageShopping cart home pageDemo


  • ECT Home Page Product plugin
  • Choose display elements
  • Choose category, recommended products, latest products, manufacturers or best sellers


  1. Unzip and upload the folder ‘ect-homepage-products’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Add New and choose to show products from a particular category, manufacturer, best seller or latest product
  4. Choose if you want to display the product image, product name, price, list price and buy button
  5. Copy the shortcode and paste where you want the display to appear on your site

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I use this plug-in with any shopping cart software or WordPress site?

NO, this plug-in can only be used with Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software using the WordPress integration.

Will this plugin work on responsive designs?

Yes, it will.

Can I modify the display?

You can do that through the css file.


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  • Bug fixes, August 2019


  • pName compatibility fix December 21 2018.


  • Version change and PHP 7.1 compatibility fix February 13 2018.


  • Version change and code fixes January 26 2017.


  • CSS fix April 29th 2016.


  • Tax display and image options added April 6th 2016.


  • Hover feature added October 23rd 2015.


  • Stock management bug fix. May 5th 2014.


  • Minor database version bug fix. April 15th 2014.


  • Initial Release. March 6th 2014.