Easy Registration Forms


Easy Registration Forms allows you to create powerful User Registration Forms in WordPress. You can create any number of forms with all the required fields. Easy Registration Forms allows you to create any type of form ranging from simple contact form to complex multi-step/multi-page registration forms in WordPress.
All the submissions can be viewed under submission manager area in WordPress admin dashboard.

Here’s is the list of features:

  • Super easy drag and drop form building interface.
  • Unlimited User Registration Forms.
  • Built in User Registration and Contact Form with predefined fields.
  • Multi-step/ Multi-page Form.
  • Reporting System – Reports allows you to relay information (Submissions) to interested parties in a periodic manner. You can create multiple reports to share different submitted information with people. For each report, System will generate a CSV file containing the submitted information (which is selected by you) and will send an email to all it’s recipients. In short Report allows you to share selected information from the submission to multiple people.
  • Built in Login Form Widget.
  • Membership Plans/Products for WordPress Membership (with offline payment method)
  • Custom user meta field integration.
  • Central Area to check all the submissions.
  • Support all fields : Text, Textarea, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Email, Phone, Number, Date, File etc.
  • Predefined validation logics.
  • Supports masking pattern. Can be useful in handling fix format input.
  • User Registration Notifications.
  • WordPress login with registration form (for front-end user).
  • User role based Form access.
  • Unique ID generation per user registration.
  • Supports both one column and two column Layout.
  • reCaptcha configuration.
  • Multiple forms on single page.
  • Limit Forms by date or number of submissions.
  • Responsive form design.
  • Allows to disable any JS on front end. Helpful in identifying jQuery conflicts.
  • Notification Templates with Mail Merge
  • Submission labeling.
  • Multiple Form Layout Options:
    1. Single column – No label
    2. Single column – label top
    3. Single column – Label inline
    4. Two column – No label
    5. Two column – Label top
    6. Two column – Label inline

1. Registration Form
2. One Column
3. Two Column
4. Multipage Form
5. Flat Design
6. Rounded Corners Design
7. Rounded Design
8. Border Bottom Design

Want to request more features, request here



  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload and Install it from WordPress plugin area.
  3. Click on Activate Plugin.
  4. Conditional field issues with Non input fields.


21 de diciembre de 2020
This is maybe the easiest to use plugin for creating forms AND storing the submissions. It´s great to start fast with the free version and then you can upgrade to the paid add-ons for automation.
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Registro de cambios


  1. RichText content editing bug.
  2. Form page and Submissions page performance improvements for large number of records.
  3. Submissions page column change option bug fixed.


  1. Admin UI improvements.


  1. Security token improvements. Also added an option under Global Settings to disable token check.
  2. Apply Label option added on Submissions screen.
  3. «user_email» meta key added to populate logged in user’s email for Contact form.


  1. [erforms_my_submissions] shortcode added.
  2. Multi select value bug.
  3. Formula field added.
  4. Admin payment completed confirmation.
  5. Limit submission by Number and Date bug.


  1. Display name meta included. («display_name»)
  2. Parsley js file error.
  3. reCaptcha version 3 error.
  4. Edit Phone field bug.


  1. Confirm dialog prompt added before submission delete action.
  2. Submission Labels included in exported CSV.
  3. Filter improvements for email.
  4. Field pattern issue.
  5. Shortcode execution for RichText fields.
  6. WooCommerce My Account translation issue.


  1. Forgot password email template added.
  2. Multipage form UI improvements.


  1. Width range slider issue.
  2. dd.mm.yyyy date format added.
  3. ERF tag improvements.
  4. UI improvements.
  5. Forgot password improved.


  1. Default value attribute added for certain fields.
  2. Width property added.
  3. User Email and Username option removed for contact forms.
  4. Bulk Import option for Select,Checkbox and Radio Group fields.
  5. Auto user activation for completed payment status.
  6. User role association with plan.
  7. Pattern issue with Username,Password fields.


  1. Date format validation issue.
  2. Password auto fill bug.
  3. Password issue with » character.


  1. Error handling on empty field labels.
  2. PHP warning fix on submissions page.


  1. New improved Form Builder.
  2. Form schema changes to be compatible with the new Builder.


  1. Removal of CURL library use.
  2. More security improvements.


  1. XSS security improvements.


  1. Security improvement.


  1. Weird character issue with Country and State dropdowns.
  2. Improved user meta binding. Now allows to update user’s website data.
  3. Textarea multiline input improvement.


  1. Admin popup issues.


  1. String/Translation improvements.
  2. Server side validation for pattern fields.
  3. Submission counter short-tag.


  1. String/Translation improvements.
  2. Other value show/hide fix for Checkbox and Radio Button fields.
  3. allowed_redirect_host fatal error.


  1. Search bug fixed in admin submissions page.
  2. String changes.
  3. Username bug in edit submission.


  1. File attachments visible during edit submission from Admin.
  2. Performance improved on Form Builder page.
  3. Unique ID issue reported here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/unique_id-does-not-appear-in-email-notifications/
  4. Datepicker locale from WordPress Locale settings.
  5. Login redirection corrected.
  6. Dashboard UI Improvements.


  1. Hook changes for MailPoet addon support.
  2. Form interpolation improvements.
  3. Add-on section added.


  1. Frontend JS changes to improve page loading.
  2. Browser Print issue in admin.
  3. New hook to be called before user creation.
  4. Minor improvements.


  1. jQuery loading changes in Form Builder.
  2. New option added to restrict user from multiple submissions.
  3. Support for Google reCaptcha version 3.
  4. Labels UI changes on submission page.
  5. Improves saving mechanism for Form Options and Global Settings.
  6. Interactive form feature.
  7. Fatal error issue while calling «get_editable_roles()»


  1. jquery loading in admin.
  2. Forms search issue in Safari.


  1. Report system added for Contact Forms.
  2. Accent search enabled for submissions.
  3. Plan feature improvement for better control from conditional fields add on.


  1. Improved reporting mechanism.
  2. UI improvements.
  3. Duplicate submission request bug.
  4. Admin submissions column change feature.
  5. Permalink issue with Edit Submission and Preview link.
  6. Hook changes.


  1. Improved error handling on WooCommerce My Account page.
  2. Option added to show reCapctha on login form.
  3. Default state option added.
  4. Decimal value allowed in Number type field.
  5. Label edit issue and special characters handling.
  6. UI improvements for IOS devices.
  7. Assigned submission label(s) is displayed in My Account.
  8. Field values now being saved into post meta.
  9. Multiple phone fields with International codes.
  10. Email and Username real time validation.


  1. Plan field’s bug.


  1. Date field formatting issue in Edit Submission.
  2. Payment status column added for submissions page.
  3. Submission edit issue.
  4. Dashboard upload screen pagination and other bug fixes.
  5. Improved Edit submission form with an option to delete previous file attachments.
  6. Additional date formats added for Date fields.
  7. Blank value in dropdown option.
  8. Front end improvements.


  1. «Create New Form» bug.


  1. Hook «erf_async_post_submission» renamed to «erf_post_submission_completed».
  2. Unique Submission ID is not associated to User meta (‘erf_unique_id’).
  3. Export submissions for filtered data.
  4. Prefill URL param values in form fields.
  5. UI Improvements.


  1. Front JS script loading changes.


  1. Resend verification email shortcode added.
  2. Multiple meta keys can be mapped with single form field.
  3. Front end js changes to reduce number of requests.
  4. Improved after login redirection to avoid rendering cache page.
  5. Date range issue while data export.
  6. File name special character handling while export operation.
  7. Form import/export coding improvements.
  8. Shortcode for current user has been added in Auto Reply email for Contact/Other type for form.
  9. Redirection after login.


  1. Font-Awesome Issue resolved.
  2. UI Imporvements.
  3. frontend responsive issue resolved.


  1. Submission filter from Unique ID.
  2. UI Improvements.
  3. Login options in Global Settings.
  4. Hide WordPress admin bar option.
  5. «Allow Login from» option added within Global Settings->Login Options.
  6. Password meter with registration forms.
  7. Country Code selection for Phone field.
  8. Dynamic placeholders added for User Activation notification.
  9. «Add Note» option improvements.


  1. UI Improvements.


  1. After Logout redirection.
  2. Show Login/Register form together option added.
  3. Contact Forms can now accept the payments without login.
  4. Primary Contact Field option added for Contact Forms.
  5. Other option handling for Radio and Checkbox fields.
  6. Form export/import feature added under tools menu.
  7. Redirection after auto login fix.


  1. Login form option added.
  2. Option added to show Login/Register forms together.


  1. Login form option reverted.


  1. reCaptcha option added for login form.
  2. Login form option in Form Dashboard.


  1. Coding improvements in saving reports.
  2. CSS Fixes.


  1. Data sanitization improvements.
  2. Enable/Disable submission from submission detail page.
  3. Changes required for conditional extension.
  4. New option added to limit submissions.
  5. Time option added in limit submissions.
  6. Utility CSS Updates.


  1. Label position in login form layout.
  2. Date format save issue in backend.


  1. File upload field user meta mapping compatible to Advanced Custom Field plugin.
  2. Date format option added for frontend.
  3. Login form layout options added in Global Settings.
  4. Save form issue within WordPress 5.0.
  5. Maxlength/Minlength issue for non english characters (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/max-length-in-input-for-latin-characters-doesnt-work/)
  6. Plan names included in exported CSV.
  7. Backslash issue while saving data into editor. (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/success-message-puts-before-in-links/)


  1. Post save issue.


  1. reCaptcha reset after form submission.
  2. Price calculation bug when only single selection allowed.
  3. Code Improvements (Variable function calling syntax, Payment hooks for internal use only).


  1. User meta field mapping bug.


  1. Plan pricing bug for amounts in thousand.
  2. Payment log.
  3. reCaptcha bug.


  1. Date filters in admin submissions table.
  2. Hooks added for PayPal extension.


  1. Label setting added for Confirm Password.
  2. GDPR checkbox and reCaptcha elements position corrected.
  3. Confirm dialog box added before submission deletion (In frontend My Account).
  4. JS triggers to add custom function after submission edit. (In frontend My Account).
  5. Backslash allowed in patterns. (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/style-of-regular-expression-to-use-in-input-pattern/)
  6. Auto generated Unique ID bug resolved.
  7. Now Unique ID column can be shown in submission table using a custom filter.


  1. Field label sanitization implemented.
  2. Front asset enqueue/dequeue improved.
  3. Login form template override filter added.


  1. Unique submission ID padding improvement.
  2. Payment plan integration with contact form.
  3. Prefilled form data from User meta keys.


  1. New payment plan implementation.
  2. Global notifications section added.
  3. Email template added for submission note.
  4. My account template overridden.
  5. Payment pending and Payment completion notification added.


  1. Multi page UI improvements.
  2. Field styling options added under Form’s display configuration.
  3. Submission deletion issue in backend.
  4. Hook changes.
  5. User meta update issue after external submission.


  1. Global Settings and Form Configure UI improvements.
  2. Condition fields fix for Multipage forms.
  3. User meta association for contact form fields.
  4. Unique field option for contact forms.
  5. reCaptcha hidden from logged in users (For contact form).


  • User Account Email Verification.
  • Delete submission feature.
  • Delete submission notification.


  • Added auto Reply email for Contact/Other Form.
  • Yoast SEO conflict.
  • Email From Name option added.
  • Email formatting issues.
  • Email feature added for Contact/Other forms.
  • Submission Custom Labels.
  • Duplicate User activation email issue.


  • Comma character issue resolved. Reported here
  • Captcha, Opt in and multi page form navigation ordering corrected.
  • Multi page form navigation issue resolved while submission edit.


  • Duplicate Form option.
  • Filter added to customize the validation logic (‘erf_custom_validation’)
  • File upload allowed extension issue after re-saving the form.
  • After submission redirection corrected in Firefox.


  • Submission/Form restriction settings added in Contact Form.
  • Upload area added for each form. This will allow you to check any media file uploaded while submission.
  • Scroll to top for multipage forms.


  • 1.3.6 missing files bug.
    *Handled submission view for deleted users.


  • Edit submissions now allowed for Contact/Other Forms.
  • Option to change directory for media uploads (Global Settings).
  • Edit submission allowed for Admin user whether option is enabled or not.
  • Hidden fields removed from editable fields.
  • Submission ownership issue fixed. (After edit submission)
  • Auto country detect for Country Field.
  • CSS improvements.


  • Media Handle Upload error fix while using file upload.
  • Email mechanism changed to avoid delayed notifications.
  • Plugin translation improvement.
  • Validation skipped for disabled elements while Edit Submission.
  • Minor UI fix on Edit Submission Page.


  • Country field population in Contact Form.


  • Write context error in class-user.php (For older PHP versions.)
  • My Account shortcode output buffering issue resolved.


  • Frontend Edit Submission feature added.
  • Modified submission date column added for CSV and Reports.


  • UI Improvements
  • View file included in submission notification.


  • Field Advance setting bug.


  • Minor improvements.


  • From option added for email notifications.
  • Username field added.
  • Dynamic Country and State field population.


  • Allowing special characters in field’s and form’s name
  • Date format changes.


  • Feature image bug.
  • Login shortcode issue.


  • Role based redirection after login.
  • Submission export feature.
  • Date field improved with a datepicker.
  • Hidden Field values integrated into submission info.
  • Submit Button Alignment
  • Edit submission fixes.
  • Elementor conflict fixed.


  • Edit Submission issue
  • Username field appearance matched with other fields.
  • Submission chart data ordering.
  • Login widget changes.
  • Forgot password added.


  • Uninstall Dialog improvement.


  • Confirm Password added
  • Rich text in form builder
  • Reporting System added – Reports allows you to relay information (Submissions) to interested parties in a periodic manner. You can create multiple reports to share different submitted information with people. For each report, System will generate a CSV file containing the submitted information (which is selected by you) and will send an email to all it’s recipients. In short Report allows you to share selected information from the submission to multiple people.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Unique ID fix in notification email
  • Checkbox value in notification email


  • Feature request link added
  • Minor CSS fixes


  • Contact Form full width message area in two column layout


  • Feature added – Edit submissions


  • Help links added.
  • Uninstallation Feedback form added


  • Minor improvements.


  • Default auto reply message changed for Contact Form.
  • Content above the form message changed for Contact Form.
  • URL field added.


  • Server side validations fixes
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Submission search feature added


  • Added multiple recipients option for email in mail notification
  • Resolved password issue in login widget
  • JS improvements


  • Plans (membership with offline payments) introduced
  • E-mail notifications for user status


  • Minor CSS fixes


  • Minor UI and functional updates