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DX Out of Date


DX Out of Date allows you to display a notification box on your posts
when a given amount of time has passed. Quite handy when writing tutorials
or any content that might get outdated due to external factors – now you
could automatically notify your readers after a given period.

You could configure the expiration time of your posts in the admin panel. Valid time units are days, months and years.

Currently the plugin options are:

  • Duration frame (days, months, years)
  • Period – «amount» of «duration» units (1 to 40)
  • Message – the message format for the notification box
  • Enable on template – a checkbox for displaying the outdated posts in the template. Must be checked to enable the plugin functionality
  • Skin manager – a list with skins for customizing the notification


  • DX Out of Date Settings page.
  • Out of date message in old post.1. Admin options page


  1. Upload the dx-out-of-date folder in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the DX Out of Date plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> DX Out of Date
  4. Configure your time settings and check the «Enable the message by default on all outdated posts » checkbox
  5. Save the form and you’re good to go!

Other ways to display the «Out of Date» box snippet:

  1. Use the [out_of_date] shortcode
  2. Call the DX_Out_Of_Date::outdated_box_generator() function right before rendering the post

Preguntas frecuentes

How to configure the duration/period settings?

These are the options that define what an «outdated» post means. For instance, selecting months in Duration frame and 6 in Period
means that every post older than 6 months would be qualified as «outdated».

Can I add new skins?

Not without some small plugin modifications. However, the clean skin adds no styles at all, which means that you could
easily style the .out-of-date class in the frontend in your custom theme stylesheet.

Why would I need that plugin?

If you write tutorials or articles related to products/services in a given state,
updating them could affect the validity of your resources. A good example is one of
the resources that led to building the plugin – Brandon’s blog,
with his custom approach for marking tutorials as outdated.


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  • Added new section – Enable the display of the status in post
  • Refactor section – Choose a skin for your template
  • Added new section – Choose the position of the message


  • First stable plugin version
  • Admin settings
  • Single view display
  • Skins
  • Time options