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DoppelMe Avatar Buddypress Integration


Adds user editable avatars to Buddypress. Users can create and edit their own avatars within your BuddyPress installation.

  • Easy for users to update their avatar based on their mood.
  • Lots of fun items for your users to play with
  • Removes the need to moderate uploaded avatars


  • The avatar editor as part of the users profile area
  • Updating your avatar
  • Users' avatars used on the site


Requires SOAP and Simple XML PHP modules (normally installed as standard)

  1. Upload the plugin folder and files to the ‘wp-plugins’ folder
  2. Activate the «DoppelMe Avatar» Plugin from the Dashboard
  3. Enter your Partner ID and Partner Key on the BuddyPress DoppelMe Avatar admin menu (if you don’t have a key, you can generate one at

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I edit which avatar items are available to my users?

Yes, just visit to modify the items that are available to your users.

I get Access Permission Failed message. How can I resolve?

Got to and add your site’s IP address to the whitelist. Alternatively, if you don’t know your IP address, enter * to match all addresses.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

Version 1.04
* Removal of whitespace

Version 1.03
* Correction for missing files

Version 1.02

  • Support for 1.7 theme compatibility
  • Tested with BP 1.7.2

Version 1.01

  • Force re-check of access permissions from admin panel
  • Tested with BP 1.6.4

**Version 1.00

  • First version marked as stable

Version 0.13

  • First public release