Decimal Product Quantity for WooCommerce


The plugin makes it possible to sell Products as whole or in parts: 0.5 1.5 etc.
(Piece of Product). Min, Step & Default preset Quantity. Variable Products Supported.

For example:
Pizza. You can sell 1.5 Pizzas, or a quarter. With the price set for 1 piece.
Liquids on tap. For example, Kerosene or Olive Oil. You can sell 1.5 liters, with the price set for 1 liter.
Bulk materials. For example, Tobacco or Golden Sand. You can sell 0.1 g at a price quoted for 1 g.


  • You can set the Minimum product Quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own Minimum Quantity value.
  • You can set the Step of Changing the Quantity of goods for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own value for the Change in Quantity Step.
  • You can set the Default – Choice product quantity for all Products by default (preset = 1). But at the same time, each Product can have its own Default – Choice Quantity value.
  • Works correctly with Variable Products.
  • Works with WooCommerce specifics from v3.4.8 & more

    PRO Version Features:

  • You can set separate Minimum Product Quantity, Step of Changing the Quantity & Default preset Quantity – for each Variable Product Variation.


  • screenshot-1.png Admin page | WooCommerce -> Setup -> Products -> Inventory. Here are the "default" Fields for all Products: "Minimum product in Cart Quantity", "Step of Changing", "Default preset Quantity".
  • screenshot-2.png Admin page | Product -> Inventory. Here are the Fields: "Minimum cart Quantity", "Step change Quantity", "Default preset Quantity", which override the "default" values.
  • screenshot-3.png Product page. The Quantity field has a Decimal value.
  • screenshot-4.png Cart page. The Quantity field has a Decimal value. Subtotals / Totals are recalculated.


  1. Upload ‘decimal-product-quantity-for-woocommerce’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings: WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Inventory. Set: Min cart Quantity, Step change Quantity, Default preset Quantity. (default preset = 1)
  4. If you have any problems – please ask for support.

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17 de mayo de 2022
Everything is working fine! WP 5.9.3, Woo 5.1.3.
19 de julio de 2021
Great tool, thank you. Too bad it's not available for product variants, but only for a simple product. I would like to help you expand the plugin and also translate it into Czech.`
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* Automatic conversion of previous set values for Products from the previous version.


* Fix Save "Min/Step Quantity" for Product.
* Tested to WP: 6.0.2
* Tested to WooCommerce: 6.8.2


* Fix Quantity in Cart.


* Fix Save "Step_Quantity_Default" for Product.
* Add Option: "Default preset Quantity" for Product. (Set Default for All Products/ Set Default for Any-One Product)
* Tested to WP: 5.9.3
* Tested to WooCommerce: 6.2.0


* Fix Uninstall.
* Fix view Placeholders Step/Min on Product Page.
* Fix Decimal Quantity in Message about adding product to Cart.
* Tested to WP: 5.8
* Tested to WooCommerce: 5.5.2


* Fix Quantity in Cart.


* Fix Min. Quantity for Variation.


* Initial release