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DearPDF is a simple yet powerful WordPress PDF Flipbook and PDF Viewer plugin to display your PDFs. Display your pdfs similar to desktop PDF viewers or similar to interactive PDF flipbooks – as per your choice.

DearPDF Demos and Test Page

Your one-stop PDF Viewing solution! No more confusion between PDF viewer and PDF flipbook plugins
Easy and versatile PDF viewer to display irregular pages and text oriented documents
Realistic 3D PDF flipbooks to showcase your amazing PDF documents, menus, annual reports, design portfolio
Based on our best rated WordPress flipbook plugin on WordPress and Codecanyon(former)

DearPDF variations

  • Vertical Viewer – The traditional method of viewing/reading PDFs is also available. This is the best suitable when the PDF document has different page sizes. With this all sizes of PDF are covered by DearPDF.PDF Viewer Demo
  • 3D PDF Flipbook – Realistic look for your lively PDF. DearPDF takes your flat PDFs and converts them to interactive and real life books with the help of cutting edge WegGL technology. All high-tech complex work happens behind the scenes, while your customers enjoy your PDF content with delight. 3D Flipbook is our pride and soon will be yours. 3D Flipbook Demo
  • 2D PDF Flipbook – When 3D flipbook is not supported by devies or your taste, you got this! 2D flipbook use CSS and HTMl5 tags to create flippable and interactive flipbook. The famous variant before 3D flipbook is still a worthy alternative.2D Flipbook Demo

Just 5 Steps!

WordPress is famous for its easy to learn and use structure. DearPDF follows WordPress post structure for creating and managing PDF viewers. It’s easy and simple just like creating a post.

  1. Install DearPDF
  2. Create a DearPDF Post
  3. Provide a link to your PDF and save the post
  4. Copy the shortcode and paste to your page
  5. Publish and PDF viewer is ready to launch on your page!


  • Vertical PDF viewer
  • Flipbook modes
  • Easy WordPress Post structure
  • Embedded mode: is the default structure to display PDFs
  • Basic Button Popup: Display your PDFs on demand, best for multiple PDFs in a single page
  • Table of contents for PDF
  • Page thumbnails preview
  • Deep linking to pages of a PDF via share button
  • PDF download enable and disable
  • Supports any number of pages, more than 1000 pages and 500 MB.
  • Partial loading (on-demand pages) make using 500 MB files load and start with just 5 MB of data

Pro Features

  • More Popup Variations like thumbs and links
  • Auto PDF Thumbnails
  • PDF Links
  • Global Settings
  • 3D Book Cover for realistic Book structure
  • Customizable Flipbook Page modes – You can set flipbook to single or double page
  • PDF Partial loading size option

Lite vs Pro Full Comparision


  • PDF Reader
  • 3D PDF Flipbook
  • 2D PDF Flipbook


Thanks for using DearPDF, on your WordPress site. This page is intended for lite users that are using the lite edition and checking the features of DearPDF WordPress plugin. Please go through the FAQs that occur during using the lite version.

If these installation FAQs doesn’t solve your query and issues, please contact using the official WordPress support page.

How to install DearPDF WordPress plugin?

  1. Goto ‘Plugins > Add New’ inside WordPress admin
  2. Search for ‘dearpdf’ in the search plugins text box
  3. Locate DearPDF and click on ‘Install Now’ button
  4. Click on ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin

Preguntas frecuentes

How to install DearPDF in my WordPress site?

Follow the Installation Guide.

How many pages can PDF viewer support and how big the PDF file can be?

DearPDF uses PDF.js to render the PDF pages. At any given time it requires only 6 pages of data at max. So the amount of pages in a PDF file doesn’t really affect the viewer.
However, the vertical PDF viewer loads all pages, so it is not as efficient as flipbooks.
If partial loading is available in your server, it only loads 6 Pages of data to open the PDF and this makes it resource friendly and traffic friendly. Other PDF viewers might crash with huge files, DearPDF will last longer.

Creating a PDF Viewer WordPress Post with PDF

  1. Goto ‘DearPDF > Add Post’
  2. Enter the title of the PDF Viewer in Title box
  3. Click on ‘Select PDF’ button and select a PDF. Upload the PDF file if you have not uploaded already and select the PDF file.
  4. Under Layout Tab, set Viewer Type to Vertical Reader
  5. Click on ‘Publish’ button and the page should save and reload

Adding PDF viewer to a WordPress Page

  1. From the DearPDF post you just created, copy the shortcode from ‘Shortcode’ box. Similar to [dearpdf id=»123″][/dearpdf]
  2. Goto the page where you want to insert the viewer and paste the shortcode

Start or open PDF viewer at certain page?

You can set the opening page of PDF viewer with shortcode:
[dearpdf id=»123″ data-page=»5″]
This will create your PDF viewer to open at page 5 when it starts.

How to set custom text to flipbook button?

You can set the custom text of flipbook button with shortcode:
[dearpdf id=»123″]My Custom Text for Button[/dearpdf]
This will create a Button with the «My Custom Text for Button»


6 de septiembre de 2021
Awesome plugin and it works great! The only negative is that you cant disable the PDF page viewer if you dont want it, for example if you upload a pdf to your server you cant just open it in new tab to read it with browser viewer or download it, you have to open it with the plugin reader and its not that great in mobile view, in general i would like to see the option to disable this default reader
29 de agosto de 2021
I spent many days looking for a suitable PDF Viewer plugin, and finally I can boldly say that DEAR PDF offers features that are not available in other plugins and this plugin is a very desirable option in terms of beauty, speed and simplicity. Let me make a few points: - In most existing plugins, the link to the original file is displayed but there is no problem with this plugin. - The file is partially loaded and the user does not have to download it all first, this helps to increase the speed and improve the user experience. - In addition to the Shortcode for displaying documents in tabs and posts, the designers have provided other Shortcode for providing a button for reading and can be used in tables or lists. I hope this plugin continues in the same way, and if so, I think it is one of the best options available.`
23 de agosto de 2021
Great software but cannot use it. Many PDFs I share have URLs within it that should be clickable. The plugin disables the ability to click on text with links. Would definitely use if it had that feature. Very clean look and easy to use.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

This lite version is available in WordPress plugin directory since version 1.0.76


  • Added: Read Direction option. Now supports RTL PDFs
  • Added: Disable Range option. Useful when servers don’t support proper partial loading – happens with improper nginx servers.


  • Added: Height option
  • Added: Background Color option
  • Added: Background Image option
  • Added: Download Enable/Disable option
  • Fixed: Mobile single page mode and touch in PDF Flipbook Viewer
  • Improvement: Default Page size calculation in double internal PDF Flipbook
  • Improvement: PDFPage cleanup and Double internal issue
  • Improvement: Vertical PDF Reader Optimized and issue cleanup


  • Plugin released on WordPress.org