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Custom Related Products and Quickview for WC


Custom Related Products and Quick View for WC allows you to select which products should appear in the related items section of a detail page, rather than only presenting products from the same category. Manage your valuable responses and display the products you desire!

Users may get a quick view at items without having to open the product page with its Quick View functionality. They can choose whether or not to show a quick view, as well as the items they wish to see in the quickview popup.

Main Feature of Quick View Functionality for WC & How to use it :

  • Using AJAX, add a button to the product loop that opens a modal window displaying the product summary.
  • The product image, title, price, quantity, and add to cart button will all be displayed in the popup.
  • Customizable modal style
  • Please visit Woocommerce -> «Custom Related Products Setting» to change settings for woocommerce products quick view and generate shortcode

How to use it for Custom Related Products

  • Edit any Product. Along with the Cross-Markets and Upsells selectors, you will find a Related Items selector under Linked Products.
  • Choose a few products and save them.
  • As long as your theme provides a section for related products. It includes via default in all WooCommerce themes, so unless your theme specifically disables it, you are good to go.
  • If you don’t choose related products for any product, WooCommerce will revert to its default behaviour of choosing random items by class. If you’d like not to list any products, you can do so under WooCommerce > Custom Related Products Settings.


  • Frontend view for custom related products slider
  • Frontend view for Quick View
  • Admin General Settings
  • Admin Quick View settings
  • Admin custom related product selection


There are two methods by which you can install the plugin in your site.

Method 1 (Upload via admin panel):
1. Go to WordPress admin then go to Plugins => Add new => Upload
2. Then select the installable zip file.
3. Upload and active the plugin. After that you can go and choose the custom products in WooCommerce -> Products -> Add or Edit -> Linked Products.

Method 2 (Upload via FTP):
1. Upload the plugin folder to your server plugin directory. Do not upload the zip file. It should be directly the folder.
2. After this, go to WordPress admin and go to Plugins => Installed Plugins
3. If the plugin is successfully uploaded then you will find «Custom Related Products and Quickview for WC» here.
4. Active the plugin. After that you can go and choose the custom products in WooCommerce -> Products -> Add or Edit -> Linked Products.

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How to install the plugin?

Kindly view the installation tab for the installation process.

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