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Custom Bulk/Quick Edit


Through Custom Bulk/Quick Edit, you have the option to edit post meta via text, checkbox, radio, select, and textarea inputs within Bulk Edit and Quick Edit screens. Further, you can enable editing of category and tag taxonomies that don’t show up already. Next, taxnomony, checkbox, radio, and select fields have an option to be reset, as in remove current options during Bulk Editing. This is very helpful when you want to mass reset or remove information.

Video Introduction

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit automatically detects custom fields that use the manage_{$post_type}_posts_columns filter to display additional columns on the edit screen. Therefore, unless it’s already configured, your theme’s functions.php file will have to be modified to add custom field columns.

Read the Utilización section of Installation and the FAQ to get started.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium extends Custom Bulk/Quick Edit to work with custom post types and adds additional inputs options. Read on for details…

  • Free, comprehensive support
  • Adds float, integer, and user inputs
  • Bulk edit post dates
  • Color input with color picker
  • Date and time input with datetime picker
  • Date input with date picker
  • Disable donate references
  • Flexible API
  • Multiple select selector
  • Works with Custom Post Types
  • Works with WooCommerce 2.1.0+ custom attributes and product types

Buy Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium plugin for WordPress.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium Doesn’t Work For You?

No problem, it has a 30-day, money back guarantee. Also, you can keep the software, sans support and updates.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Add Ons

  • Edit Flow – Date (Premium required), number, and user types
  • WordPress SEO – Modify WordPress SEO options via bulk and quick edit panels

Loads of Benefits and Features

  • API of actions and filters
  • Auto-suggest for bulk and quick edit taxonomy entries
  • Easily remove or replace category and taxonomy relations
  • Edit excerpts and titles
  • Performance minded – Plugin automatically only loads when needed
  • Prevents editing of common and static fields like cb, id, author, etc.
  • Remove specific category and tag entries
  • Sample configurations provided as needed
  • Save post handler can be customized for your needs.
  • Save values normally (serialized), as CSV, or multiple post meta entries
  • Setting options export/import
  • Settings screen
  • Supports WordPress’s own taxonomy handlers for category and tag relations
  • Unset checkbox, radio, and select values during bulk edit
  • View category and tag relations on edit screen columns
  • Works with posts and pages
  • Works with Edit Flow‘s checkbox, location, paragraph, and text types




This plugin grew out of the frustration of having to custom write this code for every client. It works best when the custom post types have already added columns to the edit screen via the manage_{$post_type}_posts_columns filter.


You can translate this plugin into your own language if it’s not done so already. The localization file custom-bulkquick-edit.pot can be found in the languages folder of this plugin. After translation, please send the localized file for plugin inclusion.

How do I localize?

Thank You

A big, special thank you to Joe Weber of 12 Star Creative for creating the Custom Bulk/Quick Edit banner.

Kudos to Alex Stone for documentation revisions.

Current development by Axelerant.


  • Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Settings panel
  • TwentyTwelve theme with Posts Post Excerpts enabled
  • Posts Quick Edit with excerpts
  • Posts Bulk Edit with excerpts



Install Methods

  • Through WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New, Search for «Custom Bulk Quick Edit»
    • Find «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit»
    • Click «Install Now» of «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit»
  • Download locally
    • Through WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
    • Click Upload
    • «Choose File»
    • Click «Install Now»
  • Download and unzip locally
    • Using FTP, upload directory custom-bulkquick-edit to your website’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory

Activation Options

  • Activate the «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit» plugin after uploading
  • Activate the «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit» plugin through WordPress Admin > Plugins


  1. Read «How do I add custom fields to my bulk/quick edit page?«
  2. Read «How do you configure options?«
  3. Read «Where can I find working samples?«
  4. Select the post and page attributes to enable through WordPress Admin > Settings > Custom Bulk/Quick
  5. Once you select ‘Show’ a configuration panel will open. Leave this blank as upon save, the proper configuration will be loaded.
  6. Click «Save Changes»
  7. Review and revise newly populated configuration options
  8. Click «Save Changes»
  9. Use edit page Bulk or Quick Edit panels as normal


  • Through WordPress
    • Via WordPress Admin > Dashboard > Updates, click «Check Again»
    • Select plugins for update, click «Update Plugins»
  • Using FTP
    • Download and unzip locally
    • Upload directory custom-bulkquick-edit to your website’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Be sure to overwrite your existing custom-bulkquick-edit folder contents


  • Click the «Deactivate» link for «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium» at WordPress Admin > Plugins


  • Click the «Delete» link for «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium» at WordPress Admin > Plugins
  • Click the «Yes, Delete these files and data» button to confirm «Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium» plugin removal


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17 de agosto de 2023
I’ve been messing around with this for an hour. It doesn’t work. You can add columns to the all posts screen (i.e. excerpts), but you can’t actually edit them. That’s the whole point of the plugin and I see where the dev posted on StackExchange (how I found this plugin).
10 de agosto de 2022
I have a +1K blog and I am updating exceprts with it.
23 de junio de 2020 1 respuesta
Have been searching for a plugin or code to be able to edit the excerpt in the quick edit on the All post tab. This plugin hasn´t been updated for a while but I thought I´d give it a go and now I´m glad I did. It worked! 5 stars.
25 de febrero de 2020
Just a simple way to BULK REMOVE taxonomy terms in the Posts view! Why on Earth such feature isn’t built in natively into WordPress? I didn’t try all the options (the plugin seems pretty flexible, allowing to bulk edit custom taxonomies and fields) but the one I needed worked. The design could be made better (I don’t understand why all these columns are added in the Posts view and the bulk edit view feels a bit «disrupted» with the extra options). But as long as I only enable these extra bulk edition options I needed, the single item quick edit view remains unaltered and the options only appear in the the bulk quick edit view… And geez, I’m glad I have them now! Thank you! I hope this plugins stays maintained in the future! Works for me with WordPress 5.3.2
29 de marzo de 2019
OK I had a very specific issue – for some reason during exporting posts from one site and importing them to another, a load of invisible characters appeared in the Excerpt field (tabs and carriage returns). Took me most of a day messing around to realise that was the problem, but once I did and found this plugin, I had a feeling it would be robust, having used Axelrant plugins before. Anyway, problem solved. The simple option to «delete Excerpts» cleaned it all up, where fancy search/replaces in the database had failed. Now all the auto-generated excerpts have reappeared in my blog listing 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you sooooo much!
29 de octubre de 2018
The free version is useless (no support for custom fields or custom post types). Theoretical features that seem to exist don’t work (enabling editing post excerpts via Quick Edit does nothing for me in WP 4.9.8). The plugin description is poorly written so it’s hard to know what you’re actually getting before you install. Turns out the answer is: nothing (except obtrusive «Donate» buttons, a little tacky for a plugin trying to upsell you).
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