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Croolle Analytics is more than just the traffic rank you know and love from its early days.
Checking website traffic and rank is the basis for uncovering actionable ideas to grow your business.

Increase ranking.
Track how your site is doing by checking which pages are viewed most, from where and how frequent. Check the trends and use that to icnrease your traffic. We further tell you how those pages are doing in search engines and what you need to improve.

Increase traffic.
For the success of your website, you must treat it as ongoing conversation btween you and the users. You have to know, what is your market niche and how your site is performing towards it. You have to know which pages are ranked and how to improve them or add actionable button on them. We tell you how those pages are doing in search engines and what you need to improve.

Get the complete story in your inbox.
Create email reports that deliver basic summary stats so you can quickly see how your site is doing or configure detailed reports that include all of the key metrics you are tracking for your projects. The reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly.

Croolle Analytics relies on a third party website ( where data is submitted and analyzed.
When a user visits your site, our web servers (using JavaScrit code) automatically register their IP address, Browser type, time spent on page, refferer url, and the current page (the page they are viewing). This information is collected primary for statistical analysis and as described in our terms of service here ( and privacy policy (

We value your privacy and so only collects this information from your site:
1. Visitor IP
2. Browser type
3. Current page
4. Time spent on page
5. Referrer page (page from which the browser came)

Other personal identification like users’ names, telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses are technically impossible for the code to collect. To enable Croolle Analytics track what visitors are viewing and when and from which page, we may send a cookie to you visitors’ computer. This data is collected primarily to enhance our statistics.


  1. Install the plugin from plugin directory
  2. Activate the plugin and that is all
  3. Create account at (to associate with the website)
  4. Submit your website url to from your account
  5. Check statistics in croolle

You can view our privacy policy at and terms of service at

Preguntas frecuentes

Check I use the plugin to check site health?

Yes. We provide a rich data on your site SEO. We check all pages in your site and provide SEO statistics and then give you recomemndations on what to improve.

Is croolle free to us

Yes, you can use croolle free for one website.


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