Cool Tag Cloud


The plugin renders a tag cloud using a professionally designed tag image as a background.

The plugin’s tag cloud is completely responsive and is correctly rendered in all browsers.

The main usage is with the «Cool Tag Cloud» widget but you can also use the shortcode [cool_tag_cloud].

Here’s the list of all available parameters for the shortcode:

  • style=»default|silver|green|red|blue|brown|purple|cyan|lime|black»
  • font_family=»Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif»
  • smallest=»10″
  • largest=»10″
  • align=»left|right»
  • font_weight=»normal|bold»
  • text_transform=»none|uppercase|lowercase|capitalize»
  • number=»20″
  • order_by=»name|count»
  • order=»ASC|DESC|RAND»
  • taxonomy=»post_tag»
  • tooltip=»yes|no»
  • nofollow=»yes|no»
  • animation=»yes|no»
  • on_single_display=»global|local»
  • exclude=»1,2,3″
  • include=»1,2,3″

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Special thanks to Orman Clark for the tag image and to Dimox for the CSS code.

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  • Configuring the plugin's widget.
  • Font-family: Arial, Font weight: Bold, Font size: 11px to 16px, Image style: Default.
  • Font-family: Rockwell, Font weight: Bold, Font size: 12px (smallest and largest), Image align: Right, Image style: Black.
  • Font-family: "Open Sans", Font weight: Bold, Font size: 14px (smallest and largest), Image style: Blue.
  • Font-family: Arial, Font weight: Normal, Font size: 11px (smallest and largest), Image style: Red, Dark Theme.
  • Font-family: Rockwell, Font weight: Bold, Font size: 10px (smallest and largest), Text transform: Uppercase, Image style: Brown.
  • Font-family: "Open Sans", Font weight: Bold, Font size: 11px to 17px, Image style: Green.


  1. Upload cool-tag-cloud folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Add the plugin’s widget on the Appearance\Widgets page.
  4. That’s all.

Preguntas frecuentes

Why is the font size limited to 17px?

Because when a larger font size is set, the tag text does not fit into the tag image.

Does the plugin support localization?

Yes, please use


1 de agosto de 2019
This plugin is a very nice discovery. Thank you for this simple little application with a nice design. It contains all the necessary settings, nothing more, nothing less.
29 de julio de 2019
Author just keeps adding great touches to make this look amazing. Just added some simple css to highlight the active tags: .cool-tag-cloud .ctcblue .ctcleft a.ctc-active, .cool-tag-cloud .ctcblue .ctcright a.ctc-active, .cool-tag-cloud .ctcblue .ctcright a.ctc-active:after{ background-position-y: -25px !important} .cool-tag-cloud .ctcblue .ctcleft a.ctc-active:hover, .cool-tag-cloud .ctcblue .ctcright a.ctc-active:hover, .cool-tag-cloud .ctcblue .ctcright a.ctc-active:hover:after{ background-position-y: 0px !important }
25 de julio de 2019
I've been using this tag cloud as a secondary navigation on the sidebar. It makes simple, yet elegant list of topics. It would be great if multiple taxonomies can be shown on the same widget. PS> Luckily, the author has added this to the TODO list for the next update. Such an active support!
12 de junio de 2019
Just what the doctor ordered. A heavily configurable, professional-looking way to show tags as wanted for my site.
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Registro de cambios

2.17 ( October 4th, 2019 )

Option to limit the amount of shown tags and have a «view more» button to expand for full list

2.16 ( September 2nd, 2019 ) =
* Option to show children terms of a specified parent term

2.15 ( August 9th, 2019 )

  • Option to include multiple taxonomies

2.14 ( July 24th, 2019 )

  • The class «ctc-active» will be added to the tags and categories that are connected to the currently shown post

2.13 ( April 12th, 2019 )

  • The local «on single post display» option now works for custom post types


  • Added options to include/exclude specific tags by ID


  • Added option to show post count for tags


  • Added [cool_tag_cloud] shortcode


  • PHP7 compatibility fixes


  • the option to show tags of the shown post now works for pages as well


  • option to set the widget to show the tags of the shown post ( on single post )


  • minor tweaks


  • removed widget_tag_cloud_args filter


  • added compressed png images


  • removed the bundled languages in favour of language packs from


  • added Chinese (Taiwan) translation (thanks to 陳泰澄)


  • added French translation (thanks to Wolforg)


  • added 10 different color styles
  • added «Animation on hover» option


  • added «Image align» option
  • css fixes


  • first version