Content Kit: User Feedback and Ratings


Content Kit makes collecting feedback on your WordPress site easy!

Visitors can leave ratings, comments and reactions with the click of a button or by highlighting text. Our unique text-highlighting feature offers precise insights for content improvement.

There’s no cost to get started and you can stay on the free plan as long as you want. We want all businesses, big and small, to benefit from user feedback.

Try it for yourself on the Content Kit website.

Account requirement

This plugin requires a Content Kit account. We offer a free starter plan, which includes basic features for small websites and personal projects.

Features you need without the complexity

Don’t put it off any longer! Start collecting user feedback today to find out what your users are thinking.

  • Rating style – choose from stars, hearts, or emojis to match the style and mood of your website.

  • Text highlighting – users can highlight text to pinpoint the words that work and those that don’t so you know exactly what to improve.

  • Compatibility – Content Kit works with every type of website – on desktop and mobile.

  • Customization – customize the feedback button, banner and messages to suit the voice and tone of your website. We also support dark mode.

  • Notifications – get real-time feedback notifications by email or Microsoft Teams on our paid plans, and usage alerts if you’re nearing your plan limits.

  • Simplicity – our intuitive design reduces friction for your users and makes it easy for you to setup and use.

  • Team members – share insights with your team members without any extra cost.

A better experience for your users

User experience matters when you’re collecting feedback. Content Kit makes it quick and easy for users to leave feedback and follows best practice design.

Minimize frustration to maximize feedback. Users hate being interrupted with popups and wordy surveys. Content Kit offers an alternative that’s there when they need it without getting in the way.

Feedback options
Users can express their thoughts and feelings in a way that works for them, whether that’s a rating from 1 to 5, a thumb up or thumb down, or general comment on a page.

Reduce friction for users to leave feedback and protect their privacy. By not collecting personal information, it’s a lot easier to comply with data protection requirements.

Why Content Kit

Content Kit is the easiest way to collect feedback and gives you everything you need to start improving your site.

Highlight and react
Our unique text-highlighting feature allows users to leave a thumb up or thumb down reaction. Highlighting helps to pinpoint the problem so you know exactly what the user is referring to and what to fix.

Content Kit was designed with privacy in mind. The insights we collect are anonymous so you don’t need to worry about handling or storing personal information like names and email addresses.

We respect your time. We won’t make you sign up for a demo to see our product or pricing. You can leave feedback on our website to see what it’s like or try our free plan.

Documentation and support

For guidance on installation or setup, refer to our documentation. For additional support, please contact us.


  • Users can highlight text on your WordPress site to leave a reaction or comment.
  • Choose a rating style – stars, hearts or emojis – to match your site’s design.
  • Sign in to to customize the feedback tool.


Install Content Kit on your WordPress site in minutes:

  1. Activate the plugin
    Log in to your WordPress site and go to the Plugins page. Search for «Content Kit: User Feedback and Ratings» in the list of available plugins and click Activate.

  2. Configure settings
    After activation, go to the Settings menu and select Content Kit. Here, you will enter your Site key, which you can get when you register an account on the Content Kit website. Make sure to click Save Changes.

  3. Customize and use
    You’re ready to collect feedback on your site! You can see your user feedback and customize the tool using the Content Kit website.

If you run into any challenges during installation or setup, see our documentation for detailed guidance or contact support for assistance.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is a Content Kit account required to use this plugin?

Yes, a Content Kit account is required to use this plugin. We offer a free starter plan.

Is Content Kit free?

Content Kit offers a free starter plan, which includes basic features for small websites and personal projects. If you need higher feedback allowances and more features, paid plans are available.

Visit our website for more details on our plans.

Can Content Kit be used on any type of website?

Yes, Content Kit is designed to work seamlessly with all types of websites, including WordPress.

How can user feedback help me?

Collect user feedback to find out what people like about your WordPress site and what you can improve.

Feedback is a powerful tool that you can use to optimize your content and enhance products and services.

By actively incorporating feedback you can improve the user experience, increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

What customization options does Content Kit offer?

With Content Kit, you can customize the rating style (stars, hearts or emojis), feedback button and messages to suit your site.

We also support dark mode, ensuring a cohesive look across different themes.

Is technical support available for Content Kit?

Yes, we offer technical support for all users of Content Kit. You can reach out for assistance with setup, customization, or any issues you encounter.

You can also read our documentation for more information.

Can I upgrade my Content Kit plan for more features?

Absolutely! Content Kit offers various plans to suit different needs, from our free starter plan to more advanced options with additional feedback allowances. For more information, see our documentation.


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