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Formulario de contacto 7 puede gestionar múltiples formularios de contacto, además, puedes personalizar el formulario y el contenido de los correos electrónicos de manera sencilla mediante un simple marcado. El formulario soporta envíos por Ajax, CAPTCHA, filtrado de spam de Akismet y mucho más.

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Doesn't work anymore


Just gives red border (fail) message: "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later." Even though sending mail is configured correctly and working everywhere else (such as forgot password form).

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For more information, see Releases.


  • Added REST API custom endpoints to manipulate contact form data.
  • Config Validator: Added test items for field names and attachment file paths.
  • Added custom DOM events: wpcf7invalid, wpcf7spam, wpcf7mailsent, wpcf7mailfailed and wpcf7submit.
  • New action hook: wpcf7_after_flamingo.
  • Added size option to select and select* form-tag types.
  • Made it possible to use the 3rd parameter of wpcf7_add_form_tag() to specify “features” of the form-tag type.


  • Fixed: “0” input could pass the minlength validation.
  • Fixed: exclude_blank option was applied to all mail fields, not only to the message body.
  • Fixed: wpcf7_autop() incorrectly inserted <br /> around hidden and block-type form-tags.
  • Fixed: Applying strtolower() to uploaded file names was unnecessary and could cause troubles in a non-English environment.


  • Ajax loader: HTML markup changed to <span> to be easily customizable with CSS.
  • Appends a proper header and footer to HTML mail content automatically.
  • [_serial_number] special mail-tag.
  • New form-tag type for hidden fields.
  • default:shortcode_attr form-tag option.
  • WPCF7_Shortcode, WPCF7_ShortcodeManager, wpcf7_add_shortcode(), wpcf7_scan_shortcode(), and some other classes and functions have become deprecated.
  • Removed all language files from the languages folder. Translations have moved to

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