Cinza Slider


Cinza Slider is a minimal slider plugin built with Flickity by Metafizzy. It makes lightweight and flexible sliders that can be easily customized with CSS.

Visit our website to view the plugin demo.


  • Global slider settings
  • Slide cell fields


Upload the Cinza Slider plugin to your WordPress site, activate it, and start creating sliders.


20 de enero de 2022
For a initial release, it works very fine. Thank you and keep it up!
22 de diciembre de 2021
I've used many slider plugins on my WordPress sites over the past 15 years and the Cinza Slider plugin takes the cake. It is super easy to customize with CSS, making it ideal for designers and developers who don't want all of the extra fat that comes along with most premium slider plugins (such Revolution Slider, Smart Slider 3, etc). I've even used it for displaying a logos grid on a client's site. I noticed it is also accessibility friendly, which can't be said for most other sliders! Do yourself a favor and give this plugin a shot if you are frustrated with all of the other alternatives. It's totally worth your time. I highly recommend it! Thanks again @madebycinza for a job well done.
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Release Date – 1st August, 2023

  • Fixed lazyLoad option


Release Date – 26th July, 2023

  • Added lazyLoad option


Release Date – 16th June, 2023

  • Minor interface improvements


Release Date – 19th May, 2023

  • Fixed image size / conflict


Release Date – 18th April, 2023

  • Added mfAccessibility and rfAccessibility options for frontend accessibility
  • Added better support for tag syntax
  • Updated how setGallerySize and adaptiveHeight work together
  • Updated backend style and made accessibility improvements
  • Convert backend checkboxes into toggles
  • WP 6.2 compatibility update


Release Date – 27th January, 2023

  • Cinza website and demo URLs update
  • WP 6.1.1 compatibility update


Release Date – 9th December, 2022

  • Added Gradient overlay browser compatibility
  • Disabled single posts
  • Backend responsiveness improvements

  • WP 6.1 compatibility update


Release Date – 7th November, 2022

  • WP 6.1 compatibility update


Release Date – 20th October, 2022

  • Added Developers meta box
  • Updated backend CSS
  • Updated plugin WP Repo assets
  • PHP v8.0 tests and fixes


Release Date – 15th September, 2022

  • Improved meta field validations
  • Added condition to check if Rank Math is active before filter exclude_post_type
  • Added new Rank Math filter set robots to noindex nofollow


Release Date – 17th August, 2022

  • PHP 8 warning fixes


Release Date – 4th August, 2022

  • Fixed static layer


Release Date – 3rd August, 2022

  • Added hash navigation option with Flickity hash v1.0.4 (modified from v1.0.3)
  • Updated flickity.pkgd.min.js from v2.2.2 to v2.3.0
  • Fixed slider cell ID


Release Date – 17th June, 2022

  • PHP 8 compatibility update
  • Added unique ID for each slider cell
  • updated shortcode validations


Release Date – 16th June, 2022

  • Fixed frontend js draggable error
  • Fixed backend style


Release Date – 1st June, 2022

  • WP 6.0 compatibility update


Release Date – 25th May, 2022

  • Custom Post Type and shortcode fixes


Release Date – 25th May, 2022

  • UI/UX improvements


Release Date – 22nd December, 2021

  • Minor bug fixes


Release Date – 22nd December, 2021

  • Minor bug fixes


Release Date – 15th December, 2021

  • First release!