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Bonway Portfolio Editor


The Bonway Portfolio Editor is a simple and robust plugin that lets you edit simple portfolio entries which can be used all throughout your website by copying and pasting the generated shortcodes.
All the options might seem daunting but it is all to make sure you, the user, are in control:

  • The General block allows you to set the identifier used for the shortcode, and the overlay’s class used for custom styling purposes
  • The Read more block allows you to control wether or not you want the text to be cut off and a «Read more» button to be present.
  • The Colours block lets you determine the colours used
  • The Banner block speaks for itself: Here you can choose the banner image for a single item


  • Showcase of all the options the plugin has to offer
  • Example of basic output with the "Read more" option turned on


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Registro de cambios


  • Bugfix: ‘external link’ checkbox was not responsive to the ‘use read more’ checkbox, and when ‘readonly’ it would stretch out.a


  • The basic plugin is now available:
  • Feature: Give a custom identifier (Used for the shortcode), class (for custom styling), and width
  • Feature: Read more functionality. On by default.
  • Feature: Read more link: The webpage that will be linked to after the cut-off text (Only available if ‘Read more’ is enabled)
  • Feature: Max characters: Cuts off the summary text to the given characters. (Only available if ‘Read more’ is enabled)
  • Feature: Custom colours for multiple aspects
  • Feature: Custom banner