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If your website shows the same content on multiple pages it’s best to just keep one copy of this content and to edit that if you need to make site-wide changes.

The Blocksolid Snippets plugin lets you manage these «snippets» of content using a dedicated custom post type.

In the Classic Editor Snippets can be conjured using a simple shortcode such as:

[blocksolid_snippet post_title=»My Snippet»]

If you use Gutenberg our included Snippets block allows you to choose your snippet from a list and live-preview it within your page.

Your snippet can contain formatted text, images, videos, [shortcodes], HTML, gutenberg blocks, any valid WordPress content.

If you are using our separate Blocksolid plugin as a page builder and Gutenberg overlay the Blocksolid Snippets plugin also integrates well with this.

Blocksolid Snippets Features

  • Snippets of code are contained in a custom post type that can then be called via a Gutenberg block or a simple shortcode


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Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Snippets


  • Install the plugin using the WordPress ‘Add New plugin’ functionality and activate.

  • Once activated a new Snippets menu item will appear in your WordPress menu to allow you to create new snippets of content.

  • Give each of your snippets a unique title e.g. «My Snippet».

  • You can then call your snippet via a short code like [blocksolid_snippet post_title=»My Snippet»]

  • if you use the built-in Gutenberg block editor for your website you can use the plugin’s bespoke ‘Snippets’ block to place the snippet within your content.

  • The Snippets block give you a live preview of your snippet within the Gutenberg editor.


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Fixed block rendering in admin and improved in front-end – 27 September 2021


Better compatibility with MemberPress – 22 September 2021


Tested with WordPress 5.8 – 20 July 2021


Snippets blocks lists snippets alphabetically – 03 June 2021


Release Date – 02 June 2021

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