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Belgo Meteo


Belgo Meteo will display Belgian weather info (current observations and forecast) in a widget.
Several Belgian sources of information are included:

IRM/KMI (the official Belgian national weather center -
Meteo Belgique/Meteo Belgie (an alternative weather forecast website -
Shower radar (Buien radar -

Using Belgian sources of weather information insures that the forecast/observations are the most precise possible.


The following options are available to display Belgian weather info in your sidebar.

Language for display

Choose here the language for the frontend display. French, Dutch, English, and German are available (except for the Meteo Belgique forecast where only French and Dutch are available – the widget will default to French if English or German is selected in that case).


Type here a title of your choice for the widget.
Keep this field empty if you do not want any title.

Type of info

Choose here the type of weather info that you want to display:

IRM forecast
IRM observations
IRM observations & forecast
Meteo Belgique forecast
Buien Radar rain observations

Location postcode

Select your location from this list. Some towns may not be available, simply choose a nearby town.

Region for IRM forecast

The IRM forecast is region-based. Please choose the one that includes your location:

Coast (W)
Kempen/Campine (N)
Ardenne (SE)
Belgian Lorraine (Extreme SE)


Thanks to the generous donators who encourage me to develop my plugins further (and start working on new ones!) by making a donation.


  • Widget options – You may choose the source of weather info as well as a few options, such as display language and location.
  • IRM forecast – This will display the IRM forecast for the region that you have selected.
  • IRM observations – This will display the IRM observations for the location (postcode) that you have selected.
  • Meteo Belgique forecast – This will display the Meteo Belgique forecast for the location (postcode) that you have selected.
  • Buien Radar – This will display the showers radar observations from for the whole of Belgium.


  1. Download the Belgo Meteo zip file and unzip it.
  2. Upload the Belgo Meteo folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Alternatively, use the WordPress plugin install in Plugins >> Add New >> Upload to upload and install the zip file.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. In the Widgets option, add the Belgo Meteo widget to your chosen sidebar and choose your options.

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I have several instances of the widget in the sidebar ?

Yes, you may have several instances of the widget in the sidebar and choose options independently for each of them.

Why is the Meteo Belgique forecast only displayed in French when I select English or German as display language ?

The weather info from Meteo Belgique/Meteo Belgie is only available in French or Dutch. When you select Meteo Belgique forecasts, the widget will automatically default to French if you choose English or German as display language.

How can I change the way the weather info is displayed ?

Belgo Meteo only modifies very slightly the way the weather info is displayed by the various providers. If you want to modify colours or background, for example, you will need to modify the css by modifying/adding the belgometeo.css file.
Please be aware that this file does not contain all css used by the display. Many css rules are left untouched and are coming straight from the providers. You can overrule them by specifying your own css in the belgometeo.css file.


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