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Bad Bot Blocker


Protect your WordPress blog with our amazing bot&SPAM blocker. Don’t let hackers get your website down, prevent spam and content scraping, block all hacking attempts and boost your blog performance.

Bot Attack & SPAM Blocker

This module determines whether a bot or real visitor is on your site in real time and blocks the activity of bots, while accelerating the loading of pages for real visitors, thereby improving the user experience. This reduces the load on hosting and on the server, saves on traffic and increases page load several times over.

The necessary bots (google, yahoo, Msn, etc) will easily get on your site and index pages, just like real users. The required search bots are determined based on the User-Agent and PTR records. All the rest are checked by the module’s algorithm and only complete browsers that have passed the model’s algorithm check are let through.

Content Scraping Protection

Content scraping can bring the most serious consequences for your site. Every day, hundreds of bots go from site to site to copy content and pictures to publish them on their site. As soon as your content is published on third-party sites, Google does not consider it as useful content for users, which means it lowers the position of your site in search results. Our module will protect your content, your pictures, and position in Google.

Performance Optimization

Our research shows that 70% of the server load comes from bots, scrapers, and hacker scripts that visit your site to steal content, search for vulnerabilities, or try to find your users’ passwords. Our module blocks all types of bots even before they try to load your site, thus, the server load is reduced by 30-40 percent, which will significantly speed up the loading of the website for real visitors, and thus improve their user experience.

Cyber Attack Prevention

Searches for vulnerabilities on a site, as a rule, are performed automatically. Hackers scan millions of sites daily with specially designed utilities. Once a vulnerability has been found on your site, the hacker uses it to gain access to restricted information on your site. Our module blocks all possible vulnerability scan utilities. Thus, it does not allow 99% of all vulnerability scanners to your site, and therefore reduces the likelihood of hacking the site.

SPAM Prevention

Our module stops all automatic spam utilities. It blocks such types of spam as: comment spam, user registration, spam through a feedback form, and spam on forums. Thanks to the algorithm for determining who are real visitors, all spam bots are blocked when they try to enter your site

Fraud Prevention

Every day, hackers break into hundreds of online stores and get access to customers’ credit cards. The next step is to check credit cards for validity. To do this, automatic bots are used to enter card data into your store in order to check if the credit card works or not. We designed our module in such a way that it blocks 99% of such bots, which means you don’t have to spend time issuing refunds and identifying fraud transactions.

Price Scraping Protection

Competitors often use automated scripts to monitor your prices. As soon as you reduce or increase the cost of your goods, they do the same, thereby disrupting your sales with their own. Our module does not allow price scrapers to get information about your discounts, which means competitors will be able to get information about the cost of your goods only by personally visiting your site every day.



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