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Augmented Reality & 3D Visualizer for WooCommerce


Transform your WooCommerce website with Augmented Reality (AR)!

Research has shown that allowing your customers to experience the product in Augmented Reality ( AR ) significantly increases sales conversion rates. Now, with OGMO, your customers can easily experience your product portfolio in Augmented Reality ( AR ) before purchasing them online, providing them with the try-before-you-buy experience that has been missing from online shopping.

OGMO offers a free plan which allows you to try AR on your website at no cost, no strings attached.
Compatible with both iOS and Android, OGMO perfectly suits any of your products in your portfolio by driving up the customer experience and building a strong brand image.

Install the OGMO plugin and experience the free sample products provided to understand how your product portfolio will be benefited from it.


  • No dedicated mobile app needed: OGMO allows customers to view products in Augmented Reality ( AR ) from any mobile web browser, without requiring the installation of an additional mobile application.
  • Responsive and Compatible: OGMO supports a wide range of devices including Desktops and Mobile devices, offering the OGMO experience irrespective of how your customers visit your online store.
  • Native Augmented Reality ( AR ) Support: OGMO Augmented Reality feature seamlessly runs on all devices with ARKit and ARCore support natively making the user experience smooth and friendly. A smooth customer journey helps build confidence in your customers mind.
  • Easy To Use: Getting started with OGMO does not require any knowledge of coding or technical skills. With a few simple and straightforward steps and button clicks, you will be ready to open doors to a great experience for your customers.

More Importantly,

  • Customers will be able to visualize your portfolio in 3D and Augmented Reality ( AR ) before making purchasing decisions. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Customers will be able to zoom in on, rotate and move around the 3D models in order to get a better understanding of your products.
  • Customers can use Augmented Reality ( AR ) to view a 3D replica of your products in their own homes. These will be to scale and will adapt to the lighting conditions of the environment.
  • Customers will be able to customize the colors and materials of your products (given that the product is customizable) in order to give them a more unique experience.
    Try OGMO in your store at absolutely no cost with our Free Plan.

Who Should Use OGMO?

OGMO, Augmented Reality ( AR ) & 3D Visualizer is perfect for anyone who wants to step up their game in the online selling market. If you have a portfolio of products / items that you sell online,then OGMO is just the plugin you need.

OGMO can be most suitable for but definitely not limited to,

  1. Furniture
  2. Electronics
  3. Home-Deco
  4. Interior Designing
  5. Personal items
  6. Porcelain
  7. Ornaments and Gifts
  8. Bathware
  9. Packaging
  10. Kitchenware
    … any many more…


  • Click the “Live View” button on the product page.
  • Customers can configure their products from the OGMO viewer,
  • Click the AR icon in the bottom right corner of the viewer to step into the AR view.
  • View your product in Augmented Reality.


  • Automatic Installation

This is the easiest and highly recommended option.
1. Go to plugins from your WordPress admin panel through Plugins >> Add New
2. In the seach field type «OGMO» and click Search Plugins
3. Once you’ve found us, click the Install Now button.
4. After the installation, click the Activate button.

  • Manual Installation

Follow this option if you want to install an old version of the OGMO plugin.
1. Search for «OGMO» in the plugin search window.
2. Select the OGMO plugin and navigate to Advanced View in the right hand side of the screen, below the summary of the plugin.
3. Scroll down to Previous Versions and from the dropdown list, select the version you like.
4. Click Download and wait for the file to be downloaded.
5. Upload the OGMO plugin to your WordPress admin panel from Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin
6. Click the Install Now button.
7. After the installation, click Activate button.

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I go forward after installing the OGMO Plugin?

Go to the Plugins tab and select OGMO. You will be taken through a series of steps explaining the process.

How do I get the 3D content created for my portfolio?

You can create 3D content yourself and upload in the correct format (GLB) to support OGMO. If you require us to develop the 3D content for you, please contact us through our discord channel( The cost will depend on the products and quantity.

Is OGMO compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce?

We are keeping our plugin up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. Please contact us through our discord channel( if you have any issues.

How much does OGMO cost?

OGMO can be installed for absolutely free for upto 30 products and 10000 views per month collectively for those products. If you want to upgrade your subscription to accomodate more products and views, we offer a range of subscription plans that can be viewed in the Billing section of the settings of the OGMO Portal.

Where can I get support?

There are a few ways you can reach out to us.
We primarily provide support via our discord channel : (
You can also email us at : (
To know more about OGMO and its capabilities, visit (


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