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WordPress Adverts Plugin – Adverts Click Tracker


Create and display classified adverts anywhere on your WordPress website with a shortcode, click tracking feature – check the statistics.

Are you displaying Classified Ads or do you need a way to track link clicks on your WordPress website and check the statistics?
Adverts Clicks Tracker is a WordPress Plugin that adds link tracking functionality on your site and allows you to display adverts or any classified content you wish to promote.
Either you need to check clicks statistics on an image of advertised content to see how to converts or you may be in a partnership where you are promoting another business on your website with links on external website. At the same time you need to track the clicks and get paid. Adverts Click Tracker is doing exactly this.
It will track the image link or button clicks and seamlessly add the statistics in your WordPress backend.

With the use of a shortcode, WordPress Adverts Click Tracker enables you to work your magic in the world of advertisements. And the best part is that you do not need to be tech-savvy.

Here’s how the plugin works:

  • Use the shortcode [displayAds] in your content – plugin creates a custom post type called Adverts
  • Track the click links from each advertisement
  • Check the statistics and get filled with wisdom

GET ADVERTS CLICK TRACKER PRO to display in Slideshow, Popup, mixed with other content and more

PRO Track Link Clicks Plugin Features

  • Display Order: Do you want adverts to be displayed randomly or not? The choice is yours to make and this feature allows you to prioritize. It enables you to focus on the best performing ads on your WordPress website or alternatively boost the ones that are not performing that great.
  • Mixed with Other Content: There is no limit as to how to display the adverts. Upon creating them, you have the opportunity to mix them with other content on your site. In this way, ads display will be more natural-flowing and this may lead to better ROI.
  • Statistics: Numbers always tell the truth. So being able to check out detailed statistics about each displaying ad is a treasure. As a result, you can see the performance of your ads and either continue on the same path or proceed with necessary improvements.
  • Statistics Per Advert Category: you have multiple ads in same category and need to get an Overall click count? now you get that!
  • Expiration Date: Seasonal discounts, bazaars and limited stock? Promotional codes and other treats for your visitors? Setting an expiration date on your adverts might be a life saver! All your ads will be valid and this will reflect greatly on your site’s credibility.
  • Widget: Do you need a widget to display your content? Through the use of WordPress Adverts Click Tracker, you’ve got this! Widgets are popular among ads, adding to their value and usefulness. And what is more, you can modify the widget animation to your liking.
  • Slideshows: If you are looking for an eye-catching advertisement, then a slideshow might be what you need. Choose to use slideshows either from the shortcode or the widget and breathe some life into your ads!
  • Popup: Maybe you are more of a popup fan! In this case, you will find it extremely helpful to display your adverts as popup and choose when you wish to display them after page load.
  • Adverts Grid: You are free to customize how many adverts to show each time. According to the aesthetics of your website, add or delete ads till you find the right balance.
  • Adverts Dates: Similarly to the expiration date, it is practical to schedule specific dates on which to display your ads. Think of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. How cool would it be to have all these ads already prepared and displayed only on certain dates?
  • Categories: Another cool feature of WordPress Adverts Click Tracker is the use of categories. In this way, all your ads will be grouped and you will have the opportunity to display the adverts based on these groupings.
  • Adverts Info: Customize your adverts with the use of title, title wrapper, title alignment, content alignment, colors and much more.



  • Adverts created from custom post type
  • Settings Page
  • Statistics Page
  • Display adverts in your content through shortcode


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory and unzip, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Adverts wp menu to add, edit adverts, define plugin Settings, view the Statistics.

Preguntas frecuentes

How to display Classified Adverts?

Use the shortcode [displayAds] in your content

How to display only one advert?

Use the shortcode [displayAds title=’Advert Name’] in your content

How to display adverts in random or another order?

Define the default settigns at Adverts-> Settings page and use the shortcode[displayAds] , or define parameter within shortcode like [displayAds orderby=’rand’]

How to change the view of adverts – number of columns?

Define the default settigns at Adverts-> Settings page and use the shortcode[displayAds] , or define parameter within shortcode like [displayAds column = ‘columns3’]

How to display adverts that belong to specific category ?

This is available in the PRO Version where you can define advert categories and use the shortcode like [displayAds category=’cat 2′]

How to display adverts mixed with other content?

This is available in the PRO Version where you can use the shortcode like [displayAds column=’column-3′ type=’webd_adverts,page’]

How to display adverts in popup or slideshow ?

These features are available in the PRO Version use a widget as a modal, list, or slideshow or use the shortcode , define in the general settings the view as a slideshow, or use the shortcode like [displayAds view=’slideshow’]

How does Click Tracking works?

Whenever you display adverts via the shortcode in the frontend of your Website, any clicks on these adverts will be reported for your. You keep track of what is happening and you do have the stats.


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