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ACTUS Animated Words Slider


An image slider with a unique effect.

Mixing words and images of your post in an elegant animation.

ACTUS Animated Words Slider is not just another image slider. You don’t need to hassle with hundreds of options. A unique, animated slider is created automatically for each of your posts, using the most used words of your text and all the images of your post. The featured image, attached images, the images used in your content, images used in galleries and any extra images you want to upload. The result is a beautiful animated slider, zooming and rotating the images, with soft transitions between them, and overlaying animated words from your text over the images.


  • Unique slider for every post
  • Real time updating preview.
  • Reads your post content and extracts the most used words in it.
  • Reads all images used in your post ( featured image, inline content images, galleries images, attachments ) and creates an animated image slider.
  • Exclude images from your slider flow or add new images to it.
  • Exclude words from your animation or add new words or the post tags.
  • Adjust slider height.
  • Adjust transition time and slide display time.
  • Enable or disable zooming and/or rotation of the images.
  • Adjust the density, the opacity and the speed of the animated words.
  • Adjust the size of the animated words and their font (coming soon) or color.
  • Shortcode.


  • Use the shortcode [actus-awslider] to place the plugin anywhere on your page.

    An automatic slider will be created using your content’s text and images. You can refine the setting’s for each post or page slider, in the edit post/page.

    You can use the shortcode without parameters to use the settings defined in the edit post/page, or you can provide parameters to override those settings. You can use one or more parameters like that [actus-awslider height='400' words='off'].
    The available parameters for the shortcode are:

  • height – the height of the slider – number in pixels

  • words – toggle animated words on or off – on/off
  • density – the density of animated words – 1/50
  • speed – the speed of animated words – 0.1/6.0
  • target – the target element in which you want the slider to be attached – selector string
  • position – relative or absolute position the slider inside the target element – relative/absolute

You can find more details about the plugin settings in our website ACTUS Animated Words Slider.


  • The slider settings on the edit post/page.
  • The slider options.
  • The select images panel.
  • The select words to be animated panel.
  • The slider settings on the edit post/page expanded.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. A new menu named ACTUS will appear in your wordpress admin.
  4. Use the shortcode [actus-awslider] to embed the animated tag cloud anywhere in your pages.


24 de septiembre de 2018
This plugin makes our post so much beautiful and interesting!!!
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